Science: Jewish Money Science Versus White Science: The No Dark Matter; the Universe is CLUMPY and Earth lives in an empty desert in space…

I am following a certain German scientist. And the more I watch her videos, the more delighted I am to find all kinds of weird things coming forward which don’t make sense. Of course the best of all is watching the holes in the White Hating, Jewish Communist plagiarist Einstein’s theories.

Definitely, at some point the Jewish plagiarist who can’t comb his hair, will be dumped from science and maybe we will be spared from hearing Jewish claptrap about how clever the Jew rats are and how high their Jew rat IQ is.

Among the things scientists are uncovering, but it’s hushed up, is that DARK MATTER does not exist. Dark matter is a huge topic in physics, and it seems that Dark Matter is nothing more than a sign that the scientists are making ERRORS!!!! But currently that’s being hushed up. So REAL WHITE SCIENCE IS NOT PROGRESSING, because Jewish Money funded science is getting all the cash.

One such scam looks like it is "Gravity Waves". That’s a big load of crap. But we’ll return to it another day.

Anyhow, Dark Matter very likely is not real and is just accepted junk. And a handful of scientists have written papers showing there is ZERO Dark Matter.

Scientists are trying to find and prove that they have a "standard model" for the density of the universe. And if they can measure this accurately then they could extrapolate it for all the universe. This is because we can’t see all of the universe and if we have some proof that we know it’s average density then we can reach conclusions about it. The bumber is that the universe is very clumpy on insanely huge scales. e.g. 1 billion+ light years across. They are increasingly finding enormous structures in the universe that should not exist. This means the universe is CLUMPY AND UNPREDICTABLE!!! That means you can’t make broad assumptions about it! You’re going to have to map it like you map the Earth and you can only map whatever your technology can see. So maybe we’ll be mapping for thousands or millions of years!

So the universe is more complex and uneven than we expected.

More importantly, our region of the universe which is 600 million light years across is an "empty hole". There isn’t much there. Yes, we live in a desert in space.

I suspect that since space is generally VERY DANGEROUS for us, that it may be much SAFER for us to live here. It might even mean that life can only form in areas of low density. Or at least our type of biological life can only exist here.

You don’t want enormous structures that pulse out insane amounts of energy or dense clouds of dust and rock sweeping around because these things could kill us quickly and instantly and we would not be able to save ourselves! So phew!!! What a relief!

Anyhow, European/Aryan science is moving forward. I’m delighted to see enquiring, lively minds still out there!!!

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